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We provide a range of services. To find out more please select one of the detailed services below.

Agricultural Landlord and Tenant

Hendersons specialist agricultural experience aims to guide you through this increasingly complex area of agricultural law and practice.

Telecoms/Radio Masts

The majority of companies will approach landowners with a list of standard terms - however, our experience has shown that significant improvements to these terms can be achieved through professional negotiation.


Coal continues to play an important role in the (UK) energy mix. In 2006 the Government established the Coal Forum. This brings together the key players from the Coal Industry and the power sector to develop strategies to maximise economic production of coal.

Development Agreements and Options

Where a Development company identifies a potential site/development opportunity they may consider entering into a Development Agreement e.g. Option Agreement, on a medium or longer term basis (normally 5 or 10 years) to secure the opportunity to develop the land. Hendersons will act as the Agent in these negotiations


The fall in farm incomes in recent years has led to many farmers looking to diversify from purely agriculture into other forms of business enterprise within the farm. Traditional forms of diversification would be the use of farmhouses or cottages for, either bed and breakfast or self-catering holiday lets and farm shops

Farm Diversification

This is a growing area of our business where increasing numbers of farmers and landowners are now seeking alternative solutions to maximize their rural assets.


If a proposed or potential site (usually determined as Greenfield) is not currently allocated within the relevant Council Development Plan, it would normally be necessary to instigate a variety of proactive measures as an aid to enable the site to be presented and promoted through the Development Plan Review Process.


The current climate of rural business necessitates the requirement of prompt and accurate valuation for an increasingly wide range of purposes and activities.

Coal Bed Methane

Coal Bed Methane (CBM) is an unconventional natural gas which is found trapped in unwanted coal seams.

Wind Farms

Hendersons positively observe advancements in sustainable rural diversification, especially in the ever changing energy industry and we maintain to constantly assess new possibilities to exploit natural energy sources.

Hydro Electric

At Hendersons we are constantly looking towards the future of greener energy supplies and how our clients can utilise and benefit from the use of Hydro Electric systems.

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