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Service Areas

We provide a range of services in the following areas:

Compulsory Purchase and Compensation Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

Compulsory Purchase and entitlement to compensation arise in a number of situations. This could be for a new road scheme or for the route of a new pipeline. It is important that the landowner seeks professional advice when initially informed of a compulsory purchase or potential notice.

Planning and Development Planning and Development

Hendersons pride themselves on their proven track record of working with landowners and the development sector to maximise development opportunities be it for land and/or property thereby ensuring that they maximise the return on their asset.

Professional Professional

Hendersons has a dedicated team of trained and qualified specialists who can provide clients with an expert service to deal with many complex areas ranging from Valuations through to Landlord and Tenant issues.

Energy Energy

Hendersons Energy Team deal with energy related matters from production to supply. The Team are committed to finding solutions to this increasingly important sector for landowner or developer.

Please also see our full range of Services.

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