Telecoms/Radio Masts

The majority of companies will approach landowners with a list of standard terms - however, our experience has shown that significant improvements to these terms can be achieved through professional negotiation. In many cases, these companies will provide substantial contributions to the professional fees incurred by the landowner when agreeing terms.

Careful construction of the agreement terms is paramount to ensure that the landowner not only benefits from the initial proposal but also from any future additional use of the mast or site. The terms of agreement should also take into account provision of site sharing, early access arrangements, rent reviews and additional payments should any additional equipment be put onto the same site.

Hendersons have considerable experience of Telecoms negotiations on behalf of landowners and will ensure that any agreements entered into maximise the return for the client.

If you are approached by a Telecoms company or believe you have a suitable site, Hendersons will be able to advise on the most suitable course of action.

Hendersons are able to provide a comprehensive service in connection with the negotiation of telecommunication sites:

  • Negotiation of new sites and clarification of lease clauses
  • Upgrades of existing sites
  • Rent reviews of existing sites
  • Site share negotiations
  • Arbitrations

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Telecoms/Radio Masts