Hendersons Enter the RSABI Great Glen Challenge

August 2018

The RSABI Great Glen Challenge raises money to help people struggling to cope in Scottish agriculture. This has now become an annual event, and for the first time Hendersons has put a team forward to participate this year. Unfor tunately, injury in the training room has meant that we have had to pull in a couple of substitutes - they may say "victims" rather than "substitutes - but none the less, we are very grateful that they have been willing to help us out at such a late stage. The challenge covers 4 events - Cycling 46k which will be done by Susan, Kayaking 6k then time trial will be done by late substitute Stewart, Walking 18k will be "attempted" by Mary, and last but not least, Alex has jumped in at the last moment to run the 17k stage. Eddie Henderson has the very important and arduous task of being the designated driver ensuring we are all delivered to the start lines at the correct times and picked up (some might be quite literally) when they finish their respective stages. The event will take place on Friday 31st August - any donation you wish to make will be gratefully received and can be made at

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