Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

Compulsory Purchase and entitlement to compensation arise in a number of situations. This could be for a new road scheme or for the route of a new pipeline. It is important that the landowner seeks professional advice when initially informed of a compulsory purchase or potential notice.

Our vast experience in this area of professional work allows us to advise what your legal rights are within the processes involved in compulsory purchase and also ensure that your interests are represented. Our professional services with regard to compulsory purchase include:

  • Advice prior to start of proposed scheme
  • Formal opposition of proposed scheme (if required)
  • Preparation and submission of compensation claims
  • Preparation of comparable values and evidence
  • Formal representation at Land Tribunal Hearings
  • Advice and schedules of land restoration

Hendersons attention to detail is critical in successfully engaging any aspect of compensation claims. We are committed to providing a tailor-made, professional service to meet our clients needs.

Hendersons take care to ensure that consideration is given to immediate matters, such as routing, wayleave terms & conditions and compensation claims but also consider any long term implications arising from future developments.

Hendersons team of specialist and experienced compensation negotiators work throughout Scotland to provide an invaluable support service to landowners and farmers.

If your farm (owner - occupied or tenants) is likely to be effected by: pipelines, radiomasts, telephone poles, roads, electricity poles or pylons - Hendersons will look after your interests and ensure that your rights are observed by professionally addressing the following:

  • Claim Preparation
  • Claim Settlement
  • Wayleave Negotiation
  • Claim Advice

Professional Compensation Advice is normally paid for by the Pipeline Promoter, Utility Provider or Telecom Company.

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Compulsory Purchase and Compensation