Coal Bed Methane

Coal Bed Methane (CBM) is an "unconventional" natural gas which is found trapped in unwanted coal seams. Through the application of drilling techniques perfected in the oil industry it is becoming more commercially viable to recover these gas reserves. Much still depends upon the characteristics of the coal seams and water saturation but it represents a new and exciting possibility for onshore recovery of gas which can be passed directly into the local gas network.

Acting as the main Agent for Dart Energy Ltd - one of the countries industry leaders in this developing energy sector - Hendersons provide all land Agency services in the delivery of the land assets throughout the UK.

The work which we have carried out over the past few years has gained us the experience and ability to offer our services to act as agents in securing sites for Shale Exploration and Development throughout Europe as well as Great Britain. 

For more detailed information on CBM, use the link below to visit the web site of Dart Energy Ltd. or alternatively contact our Energy Team.

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Coal Bed Methane